Fit For 2050: Our Vision for 2024-2029

The European Green Deal has set the blueprint for a climate-neutral, circular, and competitive Europe.

In the next legislature of the European Union, newly elected and incumbent policymakers, civil society, and industry will have the responsibility of maintaining an ambitious course towards 2050.

In this context, the mineral wool insulation industry will continue to contribute to Europe’s sustainable transition and local industrialisation through products that deliver essential energy savings in buildings, all while improving living comfort and safety at home.

At the same time, our industry acknowledges its responsibility to decarbonise its production processes whilst closing the loop with circular mineral wool.

Our new industry manifesto is as a catalyst for dialogue, highlighting policy enhancements that can transform the challenges ahead into opportunities for a greener and more competitive Europe.

Entitled “Mineral Wool Insulation: Fit for 2050”,  the manifesto outlines the collaborative pathways we can take right now to make our policies, industries, buildings, and energy system fit for 2050.

So sit tight and embark with us on a journey through our value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to end of life, as we delve into the many challenges and opportunities the next five years will bring!