How to install

Eurima’s guide to installing mineral wool insulation

For mineral wool insulation to unleash its potential, correct installation is essential. This is why Eurima members actively invest in training and education for distributors, installers and consumers.

The EU has set concrete energy saving targets and is promoting building renovation. Several member states have Minimum Energy Performance Requirements and citizens want to reduce carbon emissions and save energy – mineral wool delivers performance in all of these areas.

We wanted to advise people interested in construction design with this guide, product selection and mineral wool installation, guiding them to achieve optimum building fabric thermal performance through insulation positioning.

Disclaimer: The ‘How to install mineral wool insulation’ document is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or technical advice. It is not a substitute for assessments provided by manufacturers and installers under applicable regulations and codes. Eurima declines all liability for any measures taken or not taken from this document.

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