Science of mineral wool insulation

A rigorous health & safety profile

Products made by Eurima members are manufactured in accordance with the highest possible safety standards – and we provide clear guidance and labelling. The safety of mineral wool insulation stems from the fact it is man-made, meaning producers can control its chemical composition (bio-solubility), length and diameter of fibres. Managing exposure, dimension and durability of fibres, particles and dust enables quick, natural clearance by the body if and when exposed.

Decades of scientific study has underlined that there is no increase in work-related illnesses due to regular contact with mineral wool insulation products. The world’s leading health and safety advisors and regulators, including the World Health Organisation and the European Union, agree that bio-soluble mineral wool insulation products are safe to work and live with, when recommended work-practices are followed.

Short-term studies depicted the importance of bio-solubility (low bio-persistence). Long-term studies on fibres’ chronic effects found no link between mineral wool insulation fibres and significant lung disease. Epidemiological studies looking at over 50,000 of the most exposed workers did not establish a link between respiratory diseases and exposure to mineral wool insulation fibres.

Longstanding fibre-related research and development means the health and safety profile of mineral wool fibres and products is now well understood, grounded in rigorous science and firmly-reflected in related rules and regulations.