Mineral wool insulation

Unleash the power of insulation - quality of life starts in buildings

Insulation is a ‘win-win’ for people, business, government and the planet alike! We spend nearly 90% of our lives indoors, so it’s essential that our buildings and homes are comfortable, safe, healthy, stressfree, and affordable to maintain.

An insulated building is a better-quality building in every respect. Insulation provides thermal comfort, saves money by cutting energy costs and creates healthier environments. The benefits of insulation can be enjoyed for generations to come.

When renovation is scaled up – from individual houses to millions of buildings – the whole of society wins, thanks to the supplementary benefits of CO2 emissions reduction, job creation and improved living conditions. For every €1 million invested in energy renovation of buildings, an average of 18 jobs are created in the EU. These are local, longterm jobs that will stimulate economic activity across Europe.