A harmonised framework for sutainable buildings

Aiming to standardise core indicators to make office and residential buildings more sustainable, the European Commission developed the LEVEL(s) framework. Eurima members participated in its pilot phase and we believe it is crucial for sustainability performance to become an integrated part of the EU buildings’ policy. LEVEL(s) should be a stepping stone for a future Sustainable Performance of Buildings Directive.

We strongly believe in the following principles:

  • Sustainability performance should be an integral part of the EU buildings’ policy, supported by LEVEL(s) in new and major renovated buildings
  • Embrace and address the impact of the buildings across their full life cycle, accounting for embodied and operational carbon
  • Mutually-reinforcing policies for chemicals, products and waste to strengthen the recycling of construction products
  • Mandatory sorting of construction waste from deconstruction and demolition sites with non-weight targets
  • Increase of price and ban of landfilling of recyclable construction products
  • Development of EU-wide standard for construction products to improve product transparency and promote non-toxic, recyclable products
  • Safeguarding workers’ health and safety is vital