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Noise Reduction

Cost of Noise Pollution

  • 20% of EU population exposed to unhealthy levels of noise
  • 170 million EU citizens live in acoustic grey zones that seriously affect well-being
  • Up to 2% of EU GDP is estimated to be lost due to noise pollution

Fingernails being dragged down a blackboard; a screeching violin; a siren’s incessant wail. We all have our own pet hates when it comes to sounds we can’t stand. What’s more problematic, however, is general exposure to noise and the inability to find calm when we need it.

Noise pollution is a real problem in Europe. The European Commission estimates that 20% of the European Union’s population (i.e. around 100 million people) suffer from noise levels which health experts consider unacceptable. Exposure to such noise levels makes people agitated, disturbs sleep and can impair mental and physical well-being. The cost of treating health problems directly related to noise runs into many millions of Euros each year.

Mineral wool insulation provides a highly effective barrier to noise. That is because the structure of the fibres in glass and stone wool significantly dampens sound.

In seeking to block external noise and that produced within the building itself, optimal results will be achieved when sound insulation measures are integrated into the building design.

Eurima members have developed a range of specific mineral wool insulation products to absorb unwanted noise, including acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic slabs, partition cavity filings and wall linings. Once installed, these sound insulation systems will need no further care or maintenance.

Insisting on acoustic comfort is not just about getting a good night’s sleep. Better sound insulation goes hand-in-hand with the concept of very low energy buildings. In using best-in-class material to tighten the building envelope we not only reduce noise; dramatic reductions in energy consumption result from this more sustainable approach to construction.

A 10dB reduction in sound levels is perceived by the human ear as a halving of the audible sound.  A well constructed wall using mineral wool insulation can reduce noise transmission by more than 50dB.

Insulation is lowering the soundtrack of modern life to more bearable levels.

source : World Health Organisation