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European mineral wool insulation producers have voluntarily established and
developed the European Certifcation Board for Mineral Wool Products (EUCEB).
This is a means of certifying that the insulation is manufactured to meet European
requirements and regulations related to product health and safety (Note Q of
Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 on classifcation, labelling and packaging of substances).
EUCEB certifcation promotes quality manufacturing and fbre-composition according to a
precisely defned system of monitoring and controls, and only those manufacturers who meet
the EUCEB requirements are allowed to use the EUCEB trademark on their packaging.
For more information, see:
Clean the area using
vacuum equipment.
Ventilate the working area
if possible.
Dispose of waste according
to local regulations.
Wear goggles when working
with products overhead.
Eurima pictograms on the voluntary labelling
of Mineral Wool insulation products
Cover exposed skin.
When working in unventilated
areas, wear a disposable face mask.
Rinse hands in cold water
before washing.
“The mechanical effect of fbres in contact with skin may cause temporary itching”
“When installing insulation in unventilated spaces, wear a suitable disposable face mask. When handling
products, cover any exposed skin. Wear goggles when working with products overhead. Dispose of waste in
accordance with local regulations. Clean the area using vacuum equipment. If itching occurs, it may be alleviated
by rinsing in cold water prior to washing.”
Being responsible also means communicating responsibly.
When it comes to safety, Eurima members are staying ahead
of the game by developing pictorial packaging communication
standards to ensure that the installation is safe, clean, and
conforms to local regulations.
Safe Use Instruction Sheets similar to Safety data sheet are also
available from each producer. Information that can be seen on
the packaging of mineral wool products in Europe, is either the
text below or the pictograms with respective explanation: