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Mineral Wool well-being materialised
No home can be considered truly “sustainable” unless it
provides a comfortable environment for its occupants. Although
definitions of “comfort” can vary widely, all definitions include
thermal and acoustic comfort and fire-safety - all considered
being the prime strengths of mineral wool insulation.
drafts and cold spots can make any home difficult to live in
and are at the origin of many health concerns and related costs.
Noise, whether airborne or structure-borne, has been proven
to adversely affect the physical and mental well-being of a
building’s occupants.
When used in conjunction with sensible building practices,
mineral wool insulation helps maintain an even, steady
temperature from room to room
. By entrapping the air between
its fibres, mineral wool insulation minimises noise transmission
in the home from both indoor (room-to-room and floor-to-floor)
and outdoor sources (for example, from street and air traffic
and noisy neighbours).