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Annual Cost to Heat 100 M
Homes built
pre 1975
€ 2,210
€ 1,000
€ 360
€ 120
Mid 2000’s
European standards
Low consumption
European standards
in 2010
of European
Source: Saint-Gobain estimate based on oil prices of $90 per barrel
A family who choose to modernise their 40+ year old, poorly insulated
house to high energy effciency standards can, for instance under
German conditions, save some 11 tonnes of CO
per year. In order
to save the equivalent amount of CO
, this family would need to give
up their two modern medium-sized cars, skip two annual fights from
Munich to Mallorca, stop eating beef and start taking cold showers!
Reducing CO
emissions and energy spending from buildings is the right
priority… before being forced to cut elsewhere.