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Mineral Wool’s commitment
to Life Cycle Assessment
In order to assess the environmental sustainability of a product, each of its
positive and negative impacts on the environment from “cradle-to-grave”
must be carefully valued.
This needs to be done froman
objective, sound, science-
based perspective
, following commonly accepted evaluation
mechanisms. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is widely recognised as
the best way tomake a scientific assessment of the environmental
impact of products, systems, building elements and buildings.
At product level, a LCA is an inventory of its impact
throughout its life
- from the extraction of raw materials to the
product’s end of life following demolition or de-construction
of the building. It is measured at each stage with 24 different
standardised indicators
linked to issues such as waste,
emissions and consumption of resources, etc.
LCAs provide valuable input for the assessment of the
environmental performance of buildings
and are the best
science-based approach to supply information on products if
carried out according to existing international standards.
Mineral wool producers are committed to LCAs and the use of
related Environmental Product Declarations
The mineral wool insulation industry has produced a generic LCA
and its corresponding EPD, thoroughly analysing the main four
phases of its products life-cycle.
In the following chapter, we will summarise the main findings of
the mineral wool Environmental Product Declaration.
Use stage
End of life