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Keep Cool - Stay Warm

Each year, billions of Euros are spent cooling buildings in the summer and heating them in the winter. It’s an expensive business, but it doesn’t have remain so.

The energy demands of our buildings can be easily reduced by tackling unnecessary heat gains and losses…

Whether you want to keep cool or stay warm the solution is the same: insulation!

The best way to maintain a preferred indoor climate is to reduce temperature leakages as much as possible. Poor thermal performance makes buildings greedy consumers of energy and very expensive to run.  Substantial energy savings can be achieved by using proven energy efficiency techniques – up to 90% of a building’s energy needs for heating or cooling can be cut.

By insulating external walls, roofs, floors, pipes and boilers, Europeans can cut down on the €270 billion(1) we are wasting per annum due to substandard thermal efficiency.

Properly installed insulation combined with an airtight building envelope dramatically improves thermal performance. What’s more, insulation is equally good at preventing indoor temperatures from rising during hot summers as it is at preventing indoor heat from escaping and lowering household temperatures during cold winters.

(1) If oil at 70 USD a barrel.