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Mineral Wool Insulation - Proven Return

Insulation the new watchword

If competitiveness is the new buzzword then insulation needs to be the new watchword. From an investment standpoint nothing competes. Insulation is what Europe needs, whether to stop global warming or to protect our economies against rising energy costs.

The existing evidence is compelling, investments made to insulate Europe's buildings today can lead to huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for years to come. What we know is this:

  • 40% of Europe's energy is used in buildings, this is more than any other sector including industry and transport.
  • 370 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be reduced per year, if insulation levels were brought-up to scratch across Europe - this is equivalent to taking all 6 million cars off the roads of London for 15 years and is only marginally less than Europe's total Kyoto commitment.
  • Major emission reductions can be made everywhere although interestingly the areas of Europe where the greatest potential lies is in hot and moderate climates.

The case for action is overwhelming

Although the existing evidence on the potential for reducing emissions is compelling, new evidence emerging from an important study on the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency measures in buildings makes the case for action overwhelming. Although not finalised the information emerging from this new report demonstrates that:

  • For the vast majority of circumstances, improving insulation in buildings is simply a good investment , for individuals and the wider economy
  • In warm and moderate climates (e.g. Italy and Germany) the cost savings can be substantial with the co-benefits of a reduced dependence on foreign energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions being for free.
Cost-Effective Climate Protection in the EU Building Stock
Ecofys III Report
Ecofys III Leaflet with keypoints