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Design & Installation Principles

Thermal Insulation design and installation principles to achieve optimum building fabric thermal performance


These pages provide background information for preparing manufacturers information on construction design, product selection and installation details needed for optimum building fabric thermal performance primarily with respect to position and placement of insulation, water vapour barriers and air barriers, both internal and external. However, it is not a detailed installation guide, and all relevant local building regulations and codes must be followed.


To achieve optimum energy efficiency insulation must be incorporated into buildings in line with basic principles. The purpose of this guide is to illustrate these principles in such a way that manufacturers are fully aware of this when preparing information on construction design, product selection and installation details.

It is emphasised that this guide demonstrates principles rather than proscribes details, variations in local climate conditions and building methods mean that the principles require interpretation into local recommendations which must fully respect local building regulations and codes.

The illustrations and text in these pages place the recommended principles within representations of actual constructions and every effort has been made to make these as representative as possible.

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March 2013


Disclaimer: The present Eurima document on general installation principles is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or technical advice on any specific facts or circumstances. It is not intended as a substitute for each manufacturer's and/or installer's own assessment and decision making under applicable regulations and codes. Eurima declines any and all liability for any measure taken or not taken on the basis of the present information. All the illustrations in these “Design & Installation Principles” pages, are Eurima copyright and cannot be used without Eurima’s prior consent.