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  • 09 February 2017 (Press Releases)

    Renovation strategies? Your comfort and well-being need a good building envelope

    A new study sponsored by Eurima reveals that a good building envelope is key to maximising the contribution of buildings to both societal climate and energy goals while, at the same time, improving the individual comfort and well-being of citizens.

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  • 23 December 2016 (News)

    Recruitment: Technology & Standardization Manager

    Eurima is looking for a Technology & Standardization Manager (m/f).  Go to this link to apply on-line and see the fulll job description.

  • 30 November 2016 (Press Releases)

    “Clean energy for all Europeans”: good intentions, but more needed!

    The proposed 30% binding energy efficiency target marks the recognition of energy efficiency as catalyst for securing sustainable growth, jobs and competitiveness in the EU. Eurima shares the intentions of the Commission to accelerate building renovation rates, to facilitate access to finance and create jobs in the building sector. At the same time, we question whether the proposed legislative package will effectively unleash the intrinsic energy savings potential of buildings and building renovation as most cost-effective contributor to decarbonisation.

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  • 16 September 2016 (Press Releases)

    An ambitious Energy Efficiency package needed to realise State of the Union goals

    Following President Juncker’s State of the Union address on 14 September, Eurima believes that a strong renovation strategy is part of the receipe for a better Europe, helping to boost jobs and growth, lowering citizens’s bills and creating comfort and healthier environments.

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  • 25 July 2016 (Press Releases)

    Effort Sharing Regulation indistinct about role of building efficiency - the sector with the most cost-effective CO2 mitigation potential

    The European Commission’s Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) addressing the so-called non-ETS sectors of the economy which should contribute to reducing emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2005 – by setting of national binding targets is initself an important governing tool to keep the EU in line with its 2030 climate goals. However, the chosen pathway is unaligned with the COP21 goals and is missing focus on sectors with most cost effective CO2 mitigation potential, namely buildings. It is also entirely absent of the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ principle.

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  • 30 June 2016 (Press Releases)

    Insulating our buildings helps tackle the no. 4 threat to human health: air pollution

    The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) June 2016 report on Energy and Air pollution identifies air pollution as the world’s no. 4 threat to human health. The report underlines that most of the roots and cures are to be found in the energy sector. As a consequence, the building sector which represents 40% of all energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions should be the first point of action. It is widely known that building insulation can bring significant energy savings; CO2 reductions; higher energy security; higher employment and increased competitiveness. But, did you also know that  building insulation, through the reduced use of energy  in domestic heating and cooling limits related outdoor air pollution and  thus enables economic, mostly health care related, savings of ≥6.65 billion € /year and an annual EU gain of 70000 Life Years resulting from the diminished emissions.

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  • 24 June 2016 (Press Releases)

    European Parliament reminds urgency to take action on buildings and incentivise renovation of the poorly insulated buildings stock in the EU

    Yesterday 23 June, the European Parliament adopted the Energy Efficency Directive Implementation report and sent a loud and clear message about key role of buildings for the economy, society and future energy system. The Parliament called for an EU wide vision to deliver a ’nearly zero energy (NZEB)’ building stock by 2050 – and -  underlined the need for an improvement to our building stock through a  long-term strategy for reduction of energy demand and reiterating the 40% binding energy efficiency target.

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  • 07 June 2016 (Press Releases)

    No. 1 priority in tackling climate change must be higher efficiency and safety standards for buildings, says IEA chief

    In an interview with the Guardian Fatih Birol the IEA Chief, says “the world’s number one priority in tackling climate change must be to ensure buildings meet higher standards of efficiency and safety. This would be the single most important step I want governments to take, and they can take it tomorrow.”

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  • 01 June 2016 (News)

    Eurima's Director General #22 on: Who is most influential on EU Energy Efficiency policy?

    Jan te Bos - Eurima's Director General ranks in #22 position on EurActiv's "Who is most influential on EU Energy Efficiency policy?" 

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  • 16 February 2016 (News)

    infoghraphic EC Communication on Heating & Cooling (Insulation)

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  • 16 February 2016 (Press Releases)

    Tackling EU energy dependency starts with stopping energy waste in buildings

    Today 16 February 2016, Europe is wasting half its energy to heat and cool old and leaky buildings. Tackling Europe’s energy dependency needs more than the diversification of supplies and routes - the EU must sort out its leaky buildings. This is the message from Eurima on the publication of today’s ‘Sustainable Energy Security Package’

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  • 15 December 2015 (Press Releases)

    Energy Union Report Confirms: Key role of building efficiency, insulation and a 40% binding energy efficiency target!

    Today 15 December 2015 the European Parliament adopted its Energy Union Report. In addition to the renewed call for 40% binding energy efficiency target– the final report recognises the role of energy efficient buildings and insulation to achieve our long term low energy – low carbon goals.

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  • 02 December 2015 (Press Releases)

    Building Renovation: Walking the Talk

    As we set out to realise the jobs, growth investment and social agenda, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe publishes its latest report on “Renovation in Practice: best practice examples of voluntary and mandatory initiatives across Europe” and highlights inspiring renovation success stories.

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  • 29 October 2015 (Press Releases)

    There is more to Insulation...

    It is well-known that building insulation can bring energy savings; greenhouse gases emission reductions; higher energy security; higher employment and competitiveness. It is however not as well-known that building insulation also triggers significant public health benefits and thus reduces related societal costs.

    How? Because building insulation reduces the use of energy used in domestic heating and cooling and as a consequent the related outdoor air pollution. A recent Eurima sponsored research across EU25 Member States shows that there are significant societal savings, both in terms of health and life expectancy as well as related financial savings which can be above 6 billion € per year.

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  • 15 October 2015 (Press Releases)

    Buildings are Europe’s first fuel: New report highlights the importance of an energy efficient building stock to a sustainable energy supply

    Measures to reduce energy demand in buildings could reduce electricity needs and peak loads by nearly 57 gigawatts (GW) and cut CAPEX requirements in the power sector by between €89-153 billion by 2050 according to the latest Ecofys report.  The study entitled “The role of energy efficient buildings in the EUs future power system”, calls for a more holistic modelling of public policy cost/benefit analysis that includes the estimation of the economics of energy efficiency in buildings including deep renovation strategies. 

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